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Join hands with Homebuyer Creators and earn up to 20% commission.

If you want to become an affiliate of the Homebuyer Creators, you may contact us or read below to see how it works.

How does the Home Buyer affiliate system work?

Follow these steps and start earning money using the Homebuyer Creators affiliate program.

Step 1 

You will register to our affiliate program, and it has zero sign up costs. Shortly after you join, you will receive an email that will show your status as an affiliate has been “approved.”

Next, you can start promoting the “Homebuyer Creators rent-to-own program” to earn a commission.

Step 2 

If anyone uses your affiliate link to reach us for a purchase inquiry for the rent-to-own purchase, you will get your commission. Once you become our affiliate-member, you can log in through the affiliate sign-in on our website and keep track of your referrals, a total number of sales, and other key stats.

Highlights of using Home Buyer affiliate system:

You will earn 20% commission on each referral. You will obtain a 20% commission every time a buyer purchases through the Homebuyer Creators affiliate program referral network on our website.

We offer our affiliates a 100-day cookie life for the referrals. This means if anyone clicks and does not purchase right away, but the transaction still converts within 100 days, we will credit you a payment.

Fill out our contact form if you have any questions or call us today for more information about our Affiliate Program!