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HomebuyerCreators aim to help first-time homebuyers with rent to own homes in Texas.

Most buyers find it hard to manage the down payment and often miss the opportunity of purchasing the home they like. A rent-to-own process helps you enter a purchase agreement at the end of the lease agreement mutually set by the buyer and seller.

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Ideal homes with rent-to-own options in Texas

rent to own bad credit no credit

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Why Choose Homebuyer Creators?


This is the most crucial step. Every place has its charm, so before you commit to buying a house anywhere, we will help you check the amnesties, information about the school district, or the commute time from your place of work, so you won’t face any problems once you move in.

Mortgage Rates

We will guide you on the mortgage rates and help you with your credit score, so you have a fair idea of the kind of rate you may be offered by the creditor. FICO mortgage is a great place to have a ballpark idea about your score.

Guide to Financing

We will help you look for a property that suits your budget and meets your lifestyle needs. There are several financing options available to you when buying a home. Homebuyer Creators will guide you to pick the best option.

Condition of the Property

Some homes may be in a good neighborhood, but their kitchen size or the number of bedrooms may be too small for your needs.

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Homebuyer Creators will assist you in selecting the perfect house and analyzing how long ago was the house built as a rent-to-own agreement sometimes require buyers to take care of maintenance costs.


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