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HomebuyerCreators is a trusted name helping home buyers find their dream home. Our mission statement reflects our goals and missions to serve you better.

Mission Statement About Us

We aim to help buyers through the process of a home search, analyzing financing options, and finalizing their dream home purchase. We simply help buyers find their dream home.

How Does Our Process Work?

The rent-to-own homes process comprises several steps. These are:


Determine a Purchase Price

The estimated value of the house at which both seller and buyer agree determines the price of the house. When you are renting a house, you attach a certain price tag to the house. In other words, its valuation based on its neighborhood, size, number of bedrooms, and age of the amnesties, etc. This can be a current price or a certain predicted future price. This price gets written on your rent-to-own agreement as to the finalized purchase price.


Agree on Rent Payments

The terms of the contract will specify a certain rent that you will pay every month.  This payment is generally higher than the rent payment of a house this size as it also includes a certain amount which is set aside towards the down payment of its future purchase.


Cover Maintenance costs

In the contract, the seller may even ask you to cover certain maintenance costs of the house—for example, the repair work of broken amnesties. Hence you need to carefully analyze the condition of the amnesties to see how much repair work they require.


The Option Fee

You have to put a certain amount towards the down payment, which is called the option fee. The buyer will agree to put it as part of your equity in the house. This is a one-time non-refundable fee called the option fee.


Lease Term

This refers to a specific period to which you and the seller agree to in the agreement. Once the lease period expires and you decide not to buy the house or are unable to get financing, then the option to purchase the house will expire.


Set a Closing Date

As a buyer, you have to arrange financing at the end of the lease term; your option fee will be credited to you at this point. The lender will also set a closing at this stage when you get ownership of the house.

If you are entering a rent-to-own agreement, you need to get in touch with one of our agents who will help you finalize the terms of your contract.